Tools were either used or intregated to Lexx IDE. Thank you all, these IDE wouldn't have been completed without the below software.

S1 JUnit -

Used to create automated test cases for Testing phase of development

S2 Apache Ant -

Build Tool used in my IDE to perform compiling and to produce javadoc


S3 Suns Javac Compiler -

Required for Apache Ant in order to compile code. This library is included in JDK, but not in JRE (java run time).


S4 Find & Replace Text Package -

Used in my IDE to do find and replace in a textpane.


S5 Syntax Aware Text Components by Bogdan Mitu

Used to perform incremental syntax highlighting on ANTLR lexers/parsers


S6 LumberMill -

Used in my IDE to have a graphical logger


S7 Apache Log4j - http://NEED TO FINDOUT

Used in my IDE for logging purposes


S8 Jode -

Class Decompiler Used in my IDE when source code is not available


S9 XMLizable -

Converts serilization objects to XML code so it can be transported in text format to LumberMill


S10 L2FProd -

Used inside my IDE to allow my GUI to be skinnable.


S11 JREfactory -

Used inside my IDE to allow refactoring support


S12 PMD -

Used inside my IDE to analyse source code to check for any design errors


S13 Calpa -

Web browser Used to show HTML web pages, which is required to show javadoc in my IDE.


S14 Suns Basic Web Server -

Basic HTTP Web Server Used in my IDE to allow HTTP protocol to be used.



Parser Generator Used in my IDE to produce a java parser


S16 J2SHH -

Used in my IDE to perform SSH tunnelling.